Control Termite Infestation With Known Tips

Soldier termiteAt CroppMetcalfe we strive to be the best Alexandria termite control specialists. You can call on our 5-Star Technicians to provide a wide range of termite control services that aim to remove any existing termite nests and prevent them from invading your home in the future.

Termite infestations can be very dangerous in the long run, as termites will eventually destroy the underlying structure of your home and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. This is why it is essential to act as quickly as possible.

The first and most important part of the process is to inspect the home and see if there really is an infestation. After inspecting the home, CroppMetcalfe will provide a tailored plan to remove the infestation source and prevent continued damage. The treatment involves the use of various products along with the latest technology.

If you need a reliable, professional and trustworthy Alexandria termite control service, our company not only removes the termites but we can also guarantee our services. If any treatments are required in the future they will be provided free of charge! Other services also include an annual termite inspection, a WDIR certificate if ever you want to sell your home and discounts for other services.

Alexandria Termite Control

It is important that even when your house is not infested with termites at the moment, you should have a perfect awareness on how you will handle such a problem and control the infestation through measures that are very effective. Some of the most common but very effective tips in terms of termite control are discussed below:

First and foremost, you should know where the termites are usually establishing their residences and commonly, such residences are usually found on hard wood planes which have direct contact on the ground since such a place would allow them to locate from one place to another. In the termites’ residences, they have the capability to live as long as their life span and reproduce to great numbers as long as they have sufficient space. Termite prevention can be controlled if in the renovation of your home, you make sure to include barriers and lattices in your house so that the wood surfaces are not in any direct contact with the ground. Get the best termite control services at

Also, you should inform yourself of the current status of your neighborhood regarding termites, so that you would be able to post up and preventive measures in accordance to the severity of the condition with regards to the other homes.

Termites are known to be extremely attractive to wood which is extremely moist and soggy with water and moisture because such a wood condition is the perfect for the living condition that the termites require. Although you may not wet any part of your wooden house, rain is a natural moisturizer of the wood and water damage to wood is the one environment that is extremely preferable to the termites. Also, puddles near your wood area is not also advisable since this would also be very inviting to the termites.

Another thing that you should definitely consider so that you can control termite infestation is to keep a good temperature going around in the house such that humidity (which is an environment well-loved by termites) would not happen. For your inquiries about eliminating termites just see

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